What’s Causing the Floods

Private property north of I-10 in Chambers, Jefferson, and Liberty counties continues to flood during heavy rains. The losses for property owners have been devastating. The cause appears to be the design and maintenance of the “improvements” to I-10 by TxDOT. The highway operates, in effect, as a dam and retains water on its north side, rather than let the runoff flow along the natural water course.

Recent Update

UPDATE: Status of Appeal

Hello everyone. We wanted to send out an update on the status of this litigation. If you recall, we brought four claims in the case: (1) a federal takings claim, (2) a state takings claim, (3) a federal substantive due process claim, and (4) a federal procedural due process claim. While…

Know Your Rights

  • As seen in recent court decisions – such as citizens’ claims regarding the Houston-area flooding during Harvey – government agencies such as TxDOT may be liable for flooding private property, homes, livestock and commercial buildings.
  • The community is coming together to force change and hold the proper parties responsible for the damages to the community’s property. The law requires compensation for government takings.
  • We have filed suit seeking recovery for all persons who suffered losses from the flooding of their property caused by the State’s IH-10 project.

Are you eligible?

If you owned or leased property that was flooded during Tropical Storms Harvey or Imelda and is situated either

  1. in Chambers County north of IH-10 and east of SH-61,
  2. in Liberty County east of SH-61 and south of FM-1410/Pvt. Rd. 1059, or
  3. in Jefferson County north of IH-10,

it is possible your losses were caused by the installation by the State of Texas of a traffic barrier down the center of IH-10, which acted to block the southerly flow of rainfall runoff. To have an attorney review your claim, complete the contact form below.

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Nationally Recognized Attorney

Daniel Charest

Members of the community are being guided in this inquiry by attorney Daniel Charest of Burns Charest LLP.

Mr. Charest was the co-lead trial counsel in federal litigation in which the court found that owners of homes and businesses upstream of the Addicks and Barker dams in Houston should be compensated by the government for the flooding caused by the Army Corps of Engineers’ management of reservoirs in the wake of Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Several key members of the victorious Addicks and Barker Upstream trial team are joining together for this project.